Facilities Management
Easily manage all your Properties, Units, Residents, Customers, Contracts, Employees and Suppliers
Inventory/Assets Management
Take control of your SKUs, Assets, Warehouse & Transfer of Goods
Keep your Work Orders in check, by dispatching issues and tasks to the appropriate teams
Daily Management
Efficiently manage your HelpDesk Center (daily requests), the Check In/Check Out for each Resident, as well as Purchases
Z.C. Compliance
Access your request & compliance projects issued by ZonesCorp and manage your KPIs
View all of the Facility’s Gate Activities straight from the system


Provides an overview of what’s going on at your Camp
Inventory Control & Tracking
Reduce inventory spend and track stock locations
ZonesCorp Compliance Project Management
Track the full cycles of compliance projects and tasks, issued by ZonesCorp, from creation to completion
Manage all resident requests and incidents in one place
Resident Check-In/Check-Out Capability
Track incoming, outgoing and transferred residents easily
Streamlined Work Orders
Quickly respond, assign and resolve issues and tasks
Security Component
Track all Gate Activities at your Facility

WAIT, THERE’S MORE. Residence Manager:


Is Fully Responsive


Is Flexible & Integrated


Has a Clean, Sleek, Easy-to-Use Interface


Is a Tool to Help you Gain Visibility & Insight

Is a One-Stop Shop for your Camp Management Needs


Why do I need a software system like Residence Manager to manage my labour housing properties?

Residence Manager ensures your company’s facilities and assets are used and managed in the most efficient manner, in order to increase profits and overall business growth. This system integrates all aspects of your company such as properties, residents, employees, assets, work orders, requests, warehouses and more, for better visibility into your business. Get organized, integrated and efficient with Residence Manager!

What are the key benefits of Residence Manager?

Some key benefits of Residence Manager include:

Simplified work order entry and tracking
Fast and easy resident ‘Check In’ and ‘Check Out’
Faster responsiveness to work orders, requests and compliance projects
Improved inventory & warehouse management
Complete visibility over facilities, assets and projects
Better decision making from real time access to company information
Data standardization across organization
Increased productivity through process automation & integration
Improved management of employees and workloads
Fast and accurate reporting by utilizing dashboard analytics

How is Residence Manager licensed?

Residence Manager is licensed by the number of Workforce Properties or Camps you manage. There is an affordable one-time investment per camp and a yearly software maintenance and support fee. For more information on prices, please Contact Us today!

How long does it take to implement Residence Manager?

There are several factors that will determine how long it will take to implement and install your new management system. We usually have a target timeframe of [1-3] months. This all depends on a few key factors, such as:

Are you replacing an existing Management system or is this an entirely new implementation?

Will you need any custom development changes?

Are you deploying this system on our private cloud or on your own servers (on your premises)?

To learn more about software implementations, Contact Us for a free consultation session with our IT experts.

Can I view a live demo of the system?

Absolutely! We’ll get you in touch with one of our IT experts to give you a full live demo of the system. During this time, you’ll also be able to ask any questions you may have regarding the entire implementation process and how Residence Manager can truly benefit your business.


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